About D3

D3 (Design, Develop, Deploy) is an organization based around teaching college students about entrepreneurship and the joys of building a business from the ground up. We give hands-on experience in building a working product rather than just giving lectures and talking about theory. D3 is an application-based organization which consists of select individuals put into groups of 3-4 people (no more than 7 groups per semester). Each group is pushed to create a prototype of a product (eg: mobile app, website, or even hardware) by the end of the semester. At the end of each semester, all groups will present their products / prototypes at Demo Night. For individuals in the assigned groups there will also be workshops, guest speakers, a practice Pitch Night, a public Demo Night, and more. An ideal group/committee consists of 1-2 designers, 1-2 coders/builders, and a creative/business-savvy person. Each group will be placed with individuals who have interests similar to their own in order to help maximize the quality of each group, and the accountability of each individual. Non-group individuals are welcome to join on Demo Night, as well as any other general body meeting that D3 may host throughout the semester. Any one individual who does not get accepted during any given semester is welcome (and encouraged) to build their skills and apply the following semester. We do not discriminate against anyone; however, as this organization is application-based, we will likely accept the more passionate and driven individuals as to ensure everyone involved is committed to making their team’s product a reality.

Meet the Officers

Tsubasa Konishi

Co-Founder of Connecting Scott

Michael Radey

Will Matz

Built Shindig Events and HELM. Experienced in Data Analytics. Avid reader, writer, winemaker, and artificial intelligence artist.

Dustin Goetz

Nic Calhoun

Built Setlist, a collaborative queue for music. Experienced in Software Development. Hardcore gamer, music enthusiast, moviegoer, and podcast listener.

Daniel Simpkins

Built BluChip, a web-app for learning about the stock market. Computer Science major. Programming hobbyist, gamer, and musician.